Meet the Indie Insider Nashville Team

Meet the folks who make up the Indie Insider Nashville team. Together, we channel our passion into featuring Music City’s music, art, food, culture, and must-see places & events.

Indie Insider Nashville team member Indie the mascotHey there, it’s me, Indie – I’m the mascot! 🌟

I have to tell you – I’m really the star of Indie Insider Nashville. Fun-loving, spirited, adventurous… that’s me!

Did they tell you that I’m a puppet of many passions? Yep, I love music and art and history and food and parks and festivals and everything else that makes Nashville… Nashville.

And did I say that I love to explore? Yep, I’m your unofficial explorer/tour guide of all things fun and cool and interesting and inspiring and delightful in Nashville. And all things tasty, too. There’s great food here!

My mission? Unveiling Music City’s authentic self to you. Follow along and I’ll guide you through unique experiences, sumptuous foods, quirky places, historic sites, music haunts, the local arts scene, and so much more!

📝 This is my buddy Gail – she’s the wordsmith behind Indie Insider Nashville! 🖋️

That means that she’s the one who writes most of the articles.

She’s a real creative force, and meticulously researches everything just to make sure she’s giving you exactly the correct information.

Did you know her keyboard is a magic wand? Yep, she weaves enchanting articles that bring to life the essence of Nashville’s unique spirit.

So dive in! You’ll enjoy Gail’s love for Nashville’s spirit and culture!

🎸 And here’s my pal David – he’s the creative and musical soul of Indie Insider Nashville! 🎨

That means that he’s the innovative mastermind behind the ideas here. He’s the only person I’ve ever met whose mind is constantly buzzing with creativity!

Not only that, he’s musically talented too, and always has a guitar within arm’s reach!

So remember – the imaginative and melodious spirit of David, and Gail with her magic wand help me, Indie, to guide you on a wonderful journey through Nashville – my beloved city, where creativity knows no bounds!