Danielle Lee – Indie Music Interview

Introducing Country-Americana Singer/Songwriter Danielle Lee

We’re really excited this week to introduce you to indie musician Danielle Lee, one of Nashville’s best Country-Americana singer/songwriters. That’s Danielle’s sweet voice you hear singing now.

It’s fun to get to chat with her. She talks about growing up in a musical family, the tribulations of learning the piano, her road to Nashville, and her dream instrument. Read on…

Tell us about yourself.

Indie Insider Nashville: Tell us about your childhood. Where did you live? How did the place you grew up and the people there inspire your career in music?

Danielle Lee: I grew up in a musical family. My mother used to be a local country singer in Owensboro, Kentucky and her father (my grandfather) played guitar and played in a family bluegrass band when he was younger.

I grew up in a small, rural Hoosier town called Huntingburg, Indiana. It’s a town where everyone knows each other right in the middle of what I like to call Cornfield, USA. The nearest mall and other attractions are about 45 minutes away, so we had to come up with our own kind of entertainment. Mine was performance. I was in every sport, choir, musical, and talent contest I could be in. I just loved making people happy.

Danielle Lee
Country-Americana singer/songwriter Danielle Lee in “Cornfield USA”. Image: DanielleLeeMusic.com

The spotlight somehow always called my name. I outgrew that little town and spread my wings in Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University where I studied Theatre and Drama and Arts Administration. After I graduated, I got married and my husband and I moved to Nashville.

Indie Insider Nashville: Who inspired you to be a country music singer/songwriter? What age were you?

Danielle Lee: My mother always sang to me when I was growing up. I wanted to sing just like her and sang with her often.  My grandfather had a sense of some musicality in me when I was 10. He sat that guitar in my lap and taught me my first song, Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. Since then, I’ve been playing, singing, and writing songs.

Indie Insider Nashville: Did people you cared about ever tell you that you couldn’t make it in music?

Danielle Lee: I always felt called to perform, and I did a lot of soul searching to find what it was I wanted to do. There was always someone who told me that I need to have a backup plan, or at least think of something else and just perform for fun. That’s not where my heart was and I just smiled and said, “I’ll let you know how it turns out.” Since moving to Nashville and people seeing my name more often at music venues, I haven’t had a problem since!

How did you choose your genre?

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