House Concert FAQ

Hosting or attending a house concert is the hippest way to enjoy professional, high quality indie musicians playing their own original music. The house concert is a grassroots movement sweeping the country!

By now, you’ve read our articles, Host A House Concert: A How To Guide and How To Hold Your Own House Concert – Part 2.  And maybe you’ve just had your first house concert (or planned – or fantasized about it). Wasn’t it fun? Your next one will be even more fun, because you’ve already got your large potential guest list, and you have the experience of a successful event.

Would you like to turn your fun event into a series, but still have questions? Good news – we’re here to help! Read on…

How do I build an audience for my house concert series?

1. Book great artists for every show!

Your guests will fall in love with house concerts and look forward to your next one based on the performing artist’s personality and rapport with them.

Not every talented artist likes to do house concerts. Be sure and get performers who enjoy being “up close and personal” with their audience. They will be the best at connecting well with your guests.

If possible, see the artist live before booking them. If not, watch their videos on YouTube, Facebook, or their website.

House Concert
House concert. Image: user South Bay House Concerts

2. Book artists with a fan base in your area.

It doesn’t need to be a large fan base, but even a handful of extra guests could make the difference in your concert being attended well enough to be worthwhile. Sometimes you can find a regional or national artist who tours regularly in your area. Or maybe they love your town, but can’t get enough work in the area to make the trip financially feasible.

You’ll find some people who recommend bringing in an opening act just to bring in more guests. We don’t recommend this, because 1) they stretch out the event, making it too long, and 2) they detract from the CD and merchandise sales for the main act.

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