House Concert FAQ

Hosting or attending a house concert is the hippest way to enjoy professional, high quality indie musicians playing their own…

Irenka * – Indie Music Interview

Irenka * Brings European Pop to Nashville Nashville’s most unique singer/songwriter, Irenka *, born in the Czech Republic and raised…

Steel Blossoms – Indie Music Interview

Introducing Country-Folk Duo Steel Blossoms This week we’re thrilled to introduce to you popular indie musicians Sara Zebley and Hayley…

Danielle Lee – Indie Music Interview

We’re excited this week to introduce you to indie musician Danielle Lee, one of Nashville’s best Country-Americana singer/songwriters. She talks about growing up in a musical family, the tribulations of learning the piano, her road to Nashville, and her dream instrument.

Top 10 Nashville Things to Do!

Whether you live in Nashville, or whether you’re visiting (or planning to visit), these 10 things to do should be at the top of your list. So, here they are, the Top 10 Nashville Things to Do!

Here Are Your Lucky 13 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville!

So it’s a nice summer evening, and you’re ready to go out to grab a bite to eat, but your significant canine, Marco, says, “Take me, take me!!”
You look into those deep brown eyes and say, “I’m so sorry Marco, but restaurants don’t allow dogs.”