5 Great Asian Food Trucks in Nashville

Love Nashville’s street scene? We all know that a huge part of that is the presence of fabulous food trucks at every event – even if that event is your own catered party or meeting! And for lovers of Asian foods, we’ve got 5 great food trucks for you to try. Here they are:

1. Banh Mi & Roll Factory

Nashville Original Vietnamese Street Food

Banh Mi, which means “bread” in Vietnamese, is a delicious sandwich made with a baguette and assorted fillings. Why use a baguette – isn’t that French? Yes, it is! The French introduced baguettes to Vietnam in the late 1800s. When the Vietnamese people began making them, they used rice flour along with the wheat flour of the traditional French recipe, resulting in a more airy bread with a thinner crust.

Delicious Spring Rolls from Banh Mi & Roll Factory, one of Nashville’s fabulous Asian food trucks. Image: foodtrucksnash.org

Banh Mi & Roll Factory serves up delectable Vietnamese Street Food, focusing on Vietnamese style sub-sandwiches made with baguettes, fresh spring rolls, and iced Vietnamese coffee. Their food is freshly made to order, featuring fresh, high quality ingredients, including vegetarian options. And try the pâté on your banh mi – it’s the standard ingredient on the street carts in Saigon!

Grab some delicious Banh Mi from the yellow truck, “Where happiness comes in rolls!” Image: foodtrucksnash.org

And as long as you’re there, try their pickled daikon – it’s cool, crisp, and addictive!

banhmi-1Banh Mi & Roll Factory
Nashville Original Vietnamese Street Food
“Where happiness comes in rolls!”
Today’s Location: Facebook: banhmiandroll


2. Bao Down

Authentic Chinese Steam Buns

According to legend, Bao (or Baozi) were invented by the Chinese scholar and military strategist Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period in the third century AD. These easy-to-eat delectable steamed buns made their way down through the years to Southeast Asia. Now, Bao Down brings the traditional flavors (along with a few of their own flavors) to Nashville.

Scrumptious Baozi (Handcrafted Local Chinese Street Food) from Bao Down, one of Nashville’s fabulous Asian Food Trucks. Image: foodtrucksnash.org

The Bao steamed bun has a bread-like covering made with yeast, and great variation of fillings, from savory meats to sweet desserts, including vegetarian options. All meats and poultry that Bao Down uses are grass fed, all natural, and sourced right here in Tennessee. And try the Lychee Soda with your meal – sweet and delicious!

Bao Down’s school bus-turned-food truck. Image: asoutherngypsy.com

Check out Bao Down’s GoFundMe page – their school bus / red food truck needs a new engine. We want Bao Down to keep hitting the streets and spreading their little Buns of Love at festivals and events around town! But you can still find them, because for now they’re borrowing other trucks to bring their Baozi goodness to you.

BaoDown2Bao Down
Authentic Chinese Steam Buns
“Handcrafted Local Chinese Street Food”
Today’s Location: @baodowntn


3. Deg Thai

Thai with a Twist

Just look at the awards won by Deg Thai!

  • Food Truck Awards 2013-2014 Winner – BEST HOT NASHVILLE
  • Food Truck Awards 2012 Winner – BEST SANDWICH
  • Writer’s Best of Nashville 2012 – BEST FOOD TRUCK


Yummy Massaman Beef with Cucumber Sauce, served atop Jasmine rice, won BEST HOT NASHVILLE 2 years running. From Deg Thai, Nashville’s award-winning Asian food truck. Image: foodtrucksnash.org

You can’t argue with the fact that Deg Thai serves only the highest quality Thai-fusion meals from their state of the art mobile food truck. You can get sandwiches, snacks, and beverages served with beautiful presentations that rival a fine restaurant. DegThai’s motto is “Work Fresh”, and you’ll taste it in their foods, whether sweet, salty, or spicy. Whatever you’re craving, Deg Thai does it well, and serves it up with a friendly smile.

Their Massaman Beef, winner of Best Hot Nashville, is their most popular offering, but if you like more of a kick, the red and green curries pack more heat. Just be sure and cool your mouth with refreshing Thai tea!

Deg Thai’s psychedelic green and yellow truck serves up award-winning Asian fusion cusine. Image: theguardian.com

You can also find their super-cool psychedelic green truck for breakfast on Saturdays, too, outside Friedman’s Army Navy Store from 7am-9am. Try the house-made honey soy milk and Asian dough sticks for breakfast next Saturday!

deg_thai_logoDeg Thai
Thai With A Twist
“Work Fresh”
Today’s Location: @degthaitruck


4. Funk Seoul Brother

Korean Street Food

Are you ready for something *really* different? Locate Funk Seoul Brother right now and try their Korean-inspired fusion cuisine, such as Sushi Burritos, Korean Fried Chicken, or Korean BBQ Tacos!

Check out these awards Funk Seoul Brother has gotten!

  • The Daily Meal’s Best 101 Food Trucks in America: #16
  • Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville Awards: Best New Food Truck 2015


One of Funk Seoul Brother’s several types of Sushi Burrito. Image: foodtrucksnash.org

Chef B.J. Lofback’s extreme love of Asian cuisines fueled his endeavor to focus solely on Korean street food, both authentic and with a reimagined twist. You probably never imagined that you could feast on dishes such as Crunchy – a Tempura Shrimp Burrito with Shaved Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrot, Avocado, Tempura Flakes, Sriracha Mayo, and Gari Ginger. Or what about trying Korean BBQ Tacos with Bulgogi Beef, Gochujang BBQ Sauce, Shaved Cabbage, Sriracha Aioli, and Ginger Scallion Salsa? And I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what, exactly, “Angry Tots” are!

Funk Seoul Brother’s funkadelic food truck. Image: foodtrucksnash.org

Are you ready to taste the fun? Locate Funk Seoul Brother’s funkadelic truck (which was painted by local street artist Troy Duff, who you can read about HERE) and enjoy!

funk-seoul-logo-2Funk Seoul Brother
Korean Street Food
Riffs Fine Street Food
Today’s Location: @funkseoultruck


5. Music City Rice and Roll

Filipino-Southeast Asian

Always fresh and delicious, Music City Rice and Roll (MCR&R) shakes up traditional Filipino & Southeast Asian cooking a bit and gives you a modern twist on Pinoy cuisine.

Music City Rice and Roll recently upgraded to an Airstream trailer from their traditional food truck. Images: instagy.com user sushichefsean, foodtrucksnash.org

Owner Dave Ferrel hopes his Airstream (upgraded from a more traditional food truck) will help his effort to expand local palates by bringing Filipino-Southeast Asian cuisine to Nashville. “Filipino food is not established here,” Ferrel says. Rice and Roll’s halo-halo, a dessert named from the Filipino for “mix-mix,” is a delicious bowl of sorbets and shaved ice and fruits in a bowl.

Music City Rice and Roll won third place in the Nashville Street Food Awards for “Best Yazoo” category for their Fish Balls. Cooking with beer is always an adventure, and the “Best Yazoo” creations are always great fun. Cheers to Yazoo Brewing Company for sponsoring a Nashville Street Food Award category!

Chicken BBQ on a stick, Filipino cuisine with a modern twist from Music City Rice and Roll. Image: yelp user maiam f.

So find out where Music City Rice and Roll is right now! They’re waiting for you to get there and taste such interesting dishes as Pancit, Java Rice, Tocino Sliders, Adobo Hand Pies, and BBQ Sticks. And try the Iced Coffee Jelly while you’re there – you’ll be hooked!

mc_riceMusic City Rice And Roll
Filipino-Southeast Asian
Everybody needs a little R&R!
Today’s Location: @mcrandr


Which one of Nashville’s Asian Food Trucks have you tried? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!






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